almond pulp chocolate chip bars

Use almond flour if you don’t have almond pulp

almond pulp chocolate chip bars

Not long ago, I blogged about how to (easily!) make almond milk with a slowjuicer. Of course an almond pulp recipe followed soon after that > cookies! This was a nice first try-out, but I was sure I could find a better  version or develop one. I found this almond pulp chocolate chip bars on The Vegan 8! Very nice website, with vegan recipes (all max. 8 ingredients).

On the road

I’ve been traveling a lot in the past month. First for a photoshoot to Dubai! After that I was home for three days and left for New York to spend time with my love (happy holidays:-D). Running and flying around and ‘end of the year’-hectic stuff… Chaotic is an understatement … Eating good (and especially pure) food can be a challenge in these kind of situations. These healthy and delicious bars, to grab for on the road, definitely help! Make a batch of them. It is a delicious snack for on train, car or plane!

Happy Healthy!

Voila, blog one in 2015. I hope that many blogs will follow (I have the biggest plans …) and that you will read them with as much fun as I have to make them.

(… Belated) Happy & Healthy New Year! 😉

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almond pulp chocolate chip bars

Source: TheVegan8

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  1. I’m so glad you loved my Almond Pulp Chocolate Chip Bars…thank you for making them and sharing on Instagram as well! They look wonderful!

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