apple lime basil juice

apple lime juiceBasil. When I think about the little things in life that make me happy, the scent of basil is definitely one of those things. Don’t think I can ever get enough of it. A garden full of basil would be lovely. With basil that’s alive and kickin’… Sounds like a dream right. I mean.. how? It’s always so challenging to keep basil strong. My sister recently told me thé trick.

All I knew was watering from the bottom of the pot, would help. Just a little every time. Franca told me that the plastic pots from basil are often to small. So get rid of it and replace it for a larger pot. I actually did this and it made a change for sure (I also water it with a spray). My basil survived for months and became stronger and stronger. Till I made pesto… 😉

I bought a new plant for the apple lime juice with basil. The new challenge just started again! What do you do to keep your basil alive and kickin’?

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