beet carrot apple juice

Beetroot carrot apple juice

Lets start a brand new week with a super healthy beetroot carrot apple juice! Since I have a sweet tooth, this is really my kinda juice. When I started juicing I made this one quite a bit. It did raise some eyebrows (“Why …

spicy hot dark chocolate almond milk

Hot & Spicy Dark Chocolate Almond Milk

Any chocoholics reading this? I absolutely love anything chocolate.  I must have many companions in this case. I mean: WHO DOESN’T LOVE CHOCOLATE??! Chocolate bars (preferably pretty dark) don’t last long in my house… And every place that I visit …

Almond milk with a slowjuicer

Almond milk with a slowjuicer or cheese cloth

I love milk. Milk in my coffee, milk with my granola etc. Cow milk is not really good for us people. That’s no news! Nut milk is a good alternative (better than rice and soy). Also no news. Supermarkets have …

Oh my … juice?

Woops… in my first blog I said… : “I’m the type of girl that likes to be busy with eating and drinking áááll day. And I don’t mean, “oooh-i-have-a-crazy-craving” or “when is-it-wine-o-clock ?!”  This doesn’t seem quite right anymore.  I still don’t …

The ultimate green juice

I started to drink half a liter of green juice + glass of water (body temperature) with lemon on an empty stomach twice a week. Working till late I’m in a pretty busy work phase. I build websites, have been

Juice it! Health Challenge Tarwegraskoning

I’m the type of girl that likes to be busy with eating and drinking áááll day. And I don’t mean, “oooh-i-have-a-crazy-craving” or “when is-it-wine-o-clock ?!” No, put me in the kitchen with a pile of fresh products and I’m HAPPY. It has to …

citrus infused water

Citrus infused water

Infused water – This week I found these massive and small ‘Mason’ jars at de Blokker here in Amsterdam (10 euros for the large jar + tap, nice!). It’s perfect for colorful infused water. I sliced a lot of lemons, limes and oranges: ​​et voila! Didn’t …


Mango Banana Cucumber Smoothie

When the sun starts to shine, I prefer to start the day with a fresh and healthy smoothie. This is actually the first time I made a smoothie with cucumber. Makes it super fresh. Love it!

Beetroot Apple Shake

Hello from New York City! Here at the moment for visiting/holidays/checking out City Secrets. Inspirational place to be!!!! Just before heading ‘up town’, I want to share this lovely beetroot apple shake.

Banana Nut Shake

I love bananas ánd I love nuts! Mix them in a breakfast banana nuts shake and there you go: good start of the day/week. When I used to go to the office, while working for a Dutch publisher