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Another nice surprise! Share Love Nots Secrets is featured in the 5x Food Blogs from FollowFashion! Wonderful be featured along with ChicksLoveFood.com, OhMyFoodness.nl, FoodMyFavoriteDish.com and EtenVolgensMij.com. FollowFashion about ShareLoveNotSecrets "A must for vegetarians. Blogger Marleen baker's daughter (granddaughter ..;) loves experimenting. She blogs original and mostly finger licking

ShareLoveNotSecrets_in_de_Jan_Food_Guide Lately I've been really busy with Share Love Nots Secrets. Out of sheer passion and ambition, you find me a lot in the kitchen, photographing food and blogging like a crazy-person. Oh yes and of course: I spend a lot of time on experimenting with pulp and developing (pulp) recipes. And it's paying off!!! More and more people are finding their way to my blog and media notice my blog as well! This month you can find SLSN in Dutch glossy JAN. Very proud of course!!!