Soba Noodles with Mango & Eggplant

This is (so far) one of my favourite Ottolenghi dishes. I have to try many more recipes from his book ‘Plenty‘ (Dutch version) – a fantastic b-day present from Lelle & Len-, but I keep making this one! No wonder. …

Pumpkin with red union, tahini & za'atar

There we go again, another Yotam recipe :). I love this mix of pumpkin with red union! My dear friend Alex surprised me so much! He gave me this wonderful cookbook ‘Jerusalem’ a few months ago. Once a friend gave me …

Classic Dutch Egg Salad

My previous boyfriend Jurriaan, he passed away 5,5 years ago, was a real great cook. I was super spoiled with him and hardly ever cooked myself. The things I did cook failed often. Pretty much gave it up ;). Or …

Pomegranate Bulgur Salad

I couldn’t be happier, so why should I be cooking (“Do more of what makes you happy” >> cooking for me)?! No, just kiddin’. We gotta eat!. And cooking, yes it still makes me even háppier. :-D.

Spinach Fig Walnut & Danish Blue Salad

Checking out my fridge for leftovers, resulted in this very yummie salad! The sweet figs, combined with the strong Danish blue: I LOVE it. Perfect salad for a sweet summer day.