Smoothie bowl with coconut and forrest fruits

Smoothie bowl with coconut & forest fruits

My freezer often contains frozen fruits. Super useful for nicecream or a smoothie bowl like this one! I made this smoothie bowl for the monthly Dutch ‘blog swop’. I choose a recipe from ‘Culi Sandra’. She has plenty of good …


OH MY…! I’ll never ever buy supermarket-cereal in my life again. This is SO GOOD!!! Completely hooked to home-made granola! :). When you make it, make sure you make plenty. You can store it for about one month.

almond bread

Oatmeal almond bread

Just came back from New York! Fresh & fruity in the Netherlands. Immediately busy at arrival. Woke up the next morning at 6 AM to give an online training at a large transport company in the center of the country. The training …

salade spinazie dadels walnoten

Spinach Date Almond salad

This salad! Another one of Ottolenghi’s surprises. Not that you wouldn’t expect any thing less from this great chef… he continues to blow me away with new flavor combinations. I’ve made this salad so many times by now. It’s one in the …

Two ingredient strawberry jam

Make this jam with fresh strawberries or strawberry juice pulp My mom makes strawberry jam once in a while. My grandmother did the same. I love it. Home made jam! On Saturday morning, I traditionally go to the Noorder Market …

3 ingredient pancakes

Banana pancakes with 3 Ingredients

Youth sentiment. With my grandparents to the pancake house. Thick large pancakes… eyes bigger than the belly…of course! Or my other grandmothers pancakes. In her tiny kitchen, baked with lots of butter and served by the queen on a beautifully …


Homemade Nutella!

“The homemade Nutella” … it has been on my todo list for a while and suddenly there it was! <jump to recipe> I’m about to go to the office and have some left over almond butter. Not much, really. I add a …


Pulp recipe | Carrot pulp breakfastmuffins with frosting

You can use grated carrot in case you don’t have carrot pulp! It’s the first time I participate in the Food blog swap of a group Dutch food bloggers. I heard about it before, but didn’t exactly know how it works. Bluntly:


Valentines Pizza | Beetroot Goat Cheese

WHOOP WHOOP! It’s almost Valentines Day! Hopefully you’ve found the love of your life and celebrate Valentines every day. It took me some time, but I’m happily in love again! About a year ago I got back in touch with my …

almond nut butter

Almond Butter

I’ve never been to crazy about nut butters. Actually I mean: peanut butter as a child. A school lunchbox with peanut butter + regular butter sandwiches. Bbbbbrrrrr….!!!! Ask my mom she knows, you’re not making me happy with that. I guess it was a child thing. One of the rare things I didn’t like.

I love nut butter nowadays. I’m still not a big fan of nut butter on a sandwich, but if I only knew about the amazing things you can do with nut butters. And if I only knew how easy you can make it!