Yogurt popsicles with granola and red fruit

When I was working on my ice cream cookbook last year (meehhh only in Dutch sorry!) I had a pile of ideas within no time. You’d think … how to get 100 ice cream recipes together?! But once you start, …


Pulp recipe – Speculaas cake

This week I thought it would be nice blogging a themed pulp recipe. In The Netherlands we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving (Happy Thanksgiving everybody in the USA :). We do celebrate Sinterklaas or St. Nicolaas. On the 5th of December this saintly …

almond bread

Oatmeal almond bread

Just came back from New York! Fresh & fruity in the Netherlands. Immediately busy at arrival. Woke up the next morning at 6 AM to give an online training at a large transport company in the center of the country. The training …


Bounty Balls

Blog swop time! For the blog swop, I choose a recipe from Dutch food blog FoodAholic. I love anything with chocolate, uhhh who doesn’t?! I make so many choco recipes lately. Here is another one!

almond pulp cookies

Lemon Raspberry Almond pulp cookies

Last month I participated in the blog swap again! I  was matched with Katrins Favorite recipes and choose something from her blog. And that was certainly not easy! Firs of all: there are just too many good recipes on

cake topping

Healthy frosting from 3 ingredients

I’ve been making pulp- and/or carrot cakes for a while now. Especially pulp cakes… Focussing on zero waste by using the left over pulp from juicing

Vanilla Peach Popsicle

Vanilla peach popsicle

Oh lala summertime! For refreshing, vegan ánd healthy pops check out these vanilla peach popsicles!

3 ingredient pancakes

Banana pancakes with 3 Ingredients

Youth sentiment. With my grandparents to the pancake house. Thick large pancakes… eyes bigger than the belly…of course! Or my other grandmothers pancakes. In her tiny kitchen, baked with lots of butter and served by the queen on a beautifully …


Homemade Nutella!

“The homemade Nutella” … it has been on my todo list for a while and suddenly there it was! <jump to recipe> I’m about to go to the office and have some left over almond butter. Not much, really. I add a …