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Food blogging meets modeling: DIDI!


I’ve been modeling forever. No, not ‘but naked’ for Pampers… I was 14 years old when an agent scouted me. For the Dutchies: Do you remember the girl magazine Fancy? I became Fancy (like Cosmo girl) model 1996, hahaha..

I started working full time as a model after my first year studying and travelled to Asia, where I came back many times. Apart from that, I spend some time in Sydney and European cities. Absolutely a great experience. I learned a lot from different people and cultures. Will never regret it. I might have still been the slightly shy girl without my modeling and traveling experiences. Traveling always gave me a very special and excited feeling. Every departure was the start of a new adventure. Modeling itself was (and still is) always interesting and fun, in many kind of ways.

Impression from back in the days.

And I…

  • had my first film kiss during a Pepsi Twist commercial.
  • shot over 200 outfits in one day (China..)
  • was so shy to start with. Looking sexy in the camera of a triple-my-age photographer or the fact that I was actually selling a product wasn’t exactly something I understood at 14.
  • met so many beautiful and inspiring people from all over!

Dinners with the locals

Of course I hung out with other models, but I really loved to get to know the locals as well. Dinners at the houses of locals are some of the best memories I have. Like a big dinner party in Bangkok at our neighbors. And a Sunday paella dinner at the parents house of my Spanish friend Gemma. We drove one weekend to her parents in Bic, a place close to Barcelona. Hardly anyone spoke English, but I had the best time.
The good part about meeting the locals is, that whenever you go back, big chance that the people you met, are still around.

Nice balance

Nowadays I’m back into modeling. I stopped for a little bit, since I was to busy with full time long term assignments. I’m more focused on building websites now, which makes me more flexible. And also gives me the chance to model again. I like-it-a-lot to model (Ego’s models) + cook + do food blogging – build websites. Imagine I’d be behind my laptop alllll the time. Something I do to much anyways. Modeling is a great opportunity to work with different creative people, never a dull moment. I love the variety.


Recently DiDi, a Dutch fashion label, contacted my agency. The Dutch fashion label is going a new direction with a new brand identity. Didi asked me for a shoot a and wished to do something with my blog as well. So I went to the office and studio and shot this with talented and lovely photographer Suzanne Rensink (within a snap!) and stylist Edith from Style had no size and this is how that turned out. Two pages in Didi magazine. Check it out!

Thank you Didi for the great collaboration :)!

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