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SLNS Featured in the 5 X FoodBlogs from FollowFashion.com



Another nice surprise! Share Love Nots Secrets is featured in the 5x Food Blogs from FollowFashion! Wonderful be featured along with ChicksLoveFood.com, OhMyFoodness.nl, FoodMyFavoriteDish.com and EtenVolgensMij.com.

FollowFashion about ShareLoveNotSecrets

“A must for vegetarians. Blogger Marleen baker’s daughter (granddaughter ..;) loves experimenting. She blogs original and mostly finger licking vegetarian recipes. At ShareLoveNotSecrets you’re also at the right place for a healthy smoothie. I’m not just a fan of her recipes also of the photography. Each image shown on the website is absolutely Pinterest-worthy.”

Thanks so much Evelyn from FollowFashion!

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