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ijskoffieMy day usually starts with an espresso. Later during the day, I'll drink one or two more coffee's. At least I try not to drink more than that. I variate with cappuccino's, latte's, espresso ánd ice coffee. When I was in Bangkok the past few weeks, I went back to the 'ice coffee bag', see pictured below. That's how I used to have my daily coffee when I lived over there.

apple lime juiceBasil. When I think about the little things in life that make me happy, the scent of basil is definitely one of those things. Don't think I can ever get enough of it. A garden full of basil would be lovely. With basil that's alive and kickin'... Sounds like a dream right. I mean.. how? It's always so challenging to keep basil strong. My sister recently told me thé trick.

spinazie ananas juice It's 'blue Monday' today. Apparently the most depressing day of the year... It was pretty misty in Amsterdam, blue actually. Check out the photo I made this morning from the Amsterdam canals. I didn't use a filter. YES. I. WAS. BLUE. Anyhow, it did not feel blue! I had a nice early start today, kinda rare since I like to work till late... (definitely need to change that habit...!) and I was super productive (yes-i-do-need-to-change-that-habit)! I figured that this spinach pineapple apple lemon juice, with a subtle tropical touch, would be nice for blue Monday. Or is it to confronting...?!