Vegan warme choco met kokosroom

Online beauty magazine Amazingy vroeg mij om een vegan recept voor ze te ontwikkelen en wat is beter dan een vegan warme choco tijdens koude dagen? Natuurlijk het liefst koud, maar dan wel zonnig, zoals het afgelopen weekend, want nu …

Smoothie bowl with coconut and forrest fruits

Smoothie bowl with coconut & forest fruits

My freezer often contains frozen fruits. Super useful for nicecream or a smoothie bowl like this one! I made this smoothie bowl for the monthly Dutch ‘blog swop’. I choose a recipe from ‘Culi Sandra’. She has plenty of good …


Ice coffee cubes

My day usually starts with an espresso. Later during the day, I’ll drink one or two more coffee’s. At least I try not to drink more than that. I variate with cappuccino’s, latte’s, espresso ánd ice coffee. When I was in Bangkok …


Strawberry apple basil lime juice

Viola from my office, who has a amazing atelier there where she makes yogabags, gave me a few strawberries the other day. Natures candy, that what they are: super tasty, sweet and juicy.


Orange Celery Juice with mint and lime

It’s Juicy Tuesday! – Celery. Not the most exciting veggie. No, not on its own, but a super vegetable (extremely healthy!) to mix with other tasty goods.

ice_cubes fruit

Ice cubes with fruit

During a party or dinner, I often have a glas bottle of water on the table. Sometimes lemon or cucumber. Other times with herbs, for example mint or thyme. During the last dinner at my house, I had a slightly …


Apple Pear Lime and Fennel Juice

Here in Amsterdam you can smell it already…. spring is coming!!! It’s early… but I have to admit: I love it. Spring is in the air! <3.  When spring arrives, I feel even more like fresh and fruity juices. Yes, this …

banana peanut butter spirulina shake with raw cacao

Banana Peanut Butter Spirulina Smoothie

This is a treat in the morning! Or, any time really…  The color might not be very appealing, but it’s oh-s0-delicious. And super healthy too. Especially because of the spirulina. It is a feast to wake up with this one, …

apple lime basil juice

Apple Lime Juice with Basil

Basil. When I think about the little things in life that make me happy, the scent of basil is definitely one of those things. Don’t think I can ever get enough of it. A garden full of basil would be lovely. …

Spinach Pineapple Apple Lemon Juice

It’s ‘blue Monday’ today. Apparently the most depressing day of the year… It was pretty misty in Amsterdam, blue actually. Check out the photo I made this morning from the Amsterdam canals. I didn’t use a filter. YES. I. WAS. BLUE. …