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Walnut pesto

For the foodblogswop March (foodies make recipes from each others blog), I was linked to the blog Food Style by weight consultant Kim van der Wel (yes Kim, here it is;)). On her blog you find delicious and super healthy dishes and snacks for every moment of the day. It's a Dutch blog, but I'm more than happy to share one of her recipes with you in English.

EGGPLANT WITH BUTTERMILK SAUCE Made this one for the first time yesterday (ate it once before, at a good friends place - in combination with lamb - nice combi!). Had dinner with a few friends. Something we plan more regular now. Great spending time with other food-lovers. Oh ánd funny people - laughed my ass off... thanks!!!! (Can't really go for the 'show don't tell'-principle here - you had to be there ;) -

FENNEL gratin

My friend M. asked me a while ago if I'd be interested working in a new caterer in Amsterdam North, since I started to cook like crazy. I thought, yeah nice! Another way of doing óne of the things that make me the happiest! I think it was about a week later I started to work for Meike at Semifredo a few hours a week. Meike has been a caterer for many years, but now opened her take-away (with a few seat to eat-in). An absolutely cute place, decorated so nicely (will be in the city secrets section soon) ánd with lovely food -of course!

Roasted Veggies Sometimes I don't have so much time to spend on my dinner. In that case a microwave meal, pizza, take-away or something like that will do. But it's not what I prefer. I prefer home cooked healthy food. When you have stuff to do at home and you want your dinner to get ready in the mean time. This is what you do:

Pumpkin Hummus

Last week, my friend Wendy brought over some really nice foodies! A very special cake - read about Wendy's City Secrets soon! - and a few different dips. Pumpkin hummus was one of them. Absolutely tasty. The great dips were finished immediately, so I thought: lets try this at home.