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Bloody Mary | Really Nice Place | Amsterdam



Kim: “I’m helping out with Share Love Not Secrets and of course I’d like to share something as well…. Some things are best kept secret and some things we need to share! Really nice place in the Goudsbloemstraat is a place we need to share.

They serve a winning Bloody Mary (and I tried some!). The Bloody Mary Beauty is served with Vodka or Gin and the magic ingredient, which I love, is a hint of Horseradish. Order this with the Ibiza salad and I guarantee you a really really nice brunch.”

Really Nice Place

The name says it all: A really nice laid-back place for food, cocktails and party’s. On Saturdays and Sundays they are famous for their brunches. They serve eggs any style, breakfast burrito’s and different kind of salads and for the sweet tooth there are scones, banana loafs and other great desserts. Their motto is: ‘why choose one or the other when you can have it all.’ Exactly!

Really Nice Place
Goudsbloemstraat 91
1015 JK Amsterdam


Kim Vaal (36)

  • Student Communication / Air hostess / Share Love Not Secrets.
  • Loves festivals, friends, travelling and scuba diving.

© Photo Really Nice Place | Myscha Oréo

Menu’s and assortments change. If you want to be sure a product of dish is still available,  contact the restaurant or store.


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