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Garlic Shrimp | Destino | Ibiza



Kim: ” Hands down the best tapas on the island. The Garlic Shrimp being one of my personal favorites. Other nice options are the spinach, swordfish, the sardines or the lentil salad, but actually you can’t go wrong here with 30-40 different delicious tapas dishes. Everything is being served with good wine and great smiles!”


This authentic lovely restaurant in St. Josep is a must go when you are on Ibiza. The friendly staff, fluent in many languages, will take their time to explain the different dishes they have on display. They advise you wisely when they think you’re ordering to much. Reservations would be wise, as the restaurants is very popular with the locals.

Calle Atalaya 15
Sant Josep Ibiza
+34 971800341

Secret-Loverdestino kim janissen

Kim Janissen 

  • Stewardess/ Planner for KLM Airlines
  • What makes her happy: Fashion, Food and Festivals
  • Enjoys traveling and yoga

 Menu’s and assortments change. If you want to be sure a product of dish is still available, contact the restaurant or store.


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