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Juice it! Health Challenge Tarwegraskoning


Juicen_ShareLoveNotSecretsI’m the type of girl that likes to be busy with eating and drinking áááll day. And I don’t mean, “oooh-i-have-a-crazy-craving” or “when is-it-wine-o-clock ?!” No, put me in the kitchen with a pile of fresh products and I’m HAPPY.

It has to be super tasty

Rule number one in my kitchen: tasty comes before healthy. Of course I cook preferably healthy, but it is not a must. As long as I hold on to my other cooking and eating habits, I think I live pretty healthy.
Just like here on Sharelovenotsecrets.com, where you find a variety of recipes. From healthy shakes to the classic brownie. Enjoying to the max, eating stress-free that’s my believe of healthy eating. In combination with pure food (cooking from scratch as much as possible), and it of this all balanced. Since I don’t have physical complaints, I see have no reason to change something about it. Although, I would like to have a bit more energy…

My food philosophy feels like common sense. But there are a lot of researches nowadays that say what you should and shouldn’t eat. It’s hard to escape from feeling at least a little curious what’s good or not good for you.

Energy boost

A few months ago I met Auke from the wheatgrass shop de Tarwergraskoning in Amsterdam. Auke the Wheatgrass King. I got more curious about what’s the effects of food are on the body. Auke knows a lot!

I didn’t take long, before I had a beautiful JuiceMe slow juicer from the Tarwegraskoning in my kitchen. Plus a pile of wheat grass, fruit and vegetables. I started blogging for the Tarwegraskoning about my juice experience. Call it a self-examination.

I continue juicing, Auke gives me tips on healthy living (what’s best to combine etc.) and I share my experience with you. According to Auke I should have tons of energy pretty soon. I’m curious!

Photo: Ursula Jernberg

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