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The ultimate green juice

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Green Juice

I started to drink half a liter of green juice + glass of water (body temperature) with lemon on an empty stomach twice a week.

Working till late

I’m in a pretty busy work phase. I build websites, have been very busy with the redesign of this blog – almost ready. I have the freedom to organize my own time, which often results in working till late. And I mean LATE! When I don’t have an appointment in the morning, it’s not really a problem. I can sleep in a little and work till late again (meh ;)). It’s just a different rhythm. Which is fine. For a little while.

The green juice…!

Then there are days that I do need to get up early after a deadline. I wanted to figure out if the stories about the green juice (they give you energy, even after a short night) were true. So I tested that after a short sleep.
If I don’t get enough sleep, I do not function.  I’m a zombie, lose my memory, get distracted. I’m even clumsier than I normally am. I’m a danger on my bike and I look angry! Plenty of comparable things to look at.

Today I’ve been drinking the juice after about five hours sleep and voila: I felt pretty good! Sometimes really great. Full of energy jumping around, sharp and all that.

The test: green juice in the morning after a short night: V SUCCES!
You have to make sure that this is the only thing you have in the morning. Half a liter of this juice and then have a regular lunch.

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