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Smoothie bowl with coconut and forrest fruits

Smoothie bowl with coconut & forest fruits

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My freezer often contains frozen fruits. Super useful for nicecream or a smoothie bowl like this one! I made this smoothie bowl for the monthly Dutch ‘blog swop’. I choose a recipe from ‘Culi Sandra’. She has plenty of good stuff on her blog, so hard to pick one recipe, but I did feel like blending and decorating… So the smoothie bowl it is!

Trends vs. the art of slow living

You can find quite a few smoothies and juices on Share Love Not Secrets, but the smoothie bowl wasn’t part of it, yet. Like Sandra, I’m a little late with ‘the bowl’, which has been a trend for quite some time. Instagram is overloaded with it…

Lets put it like this: I’m not very sensitive to trends. Recently I was asked in an interview what I think about food trends and how I respond to them. My answer was: “I’m don’t have much with food trends”. I do the things that I find interesting and that make me happy. Sometimes that can be a trend. I often work on many projects at the same time and it takes some time finish a project (especially my own/blog projects.) and I lag behind events. Take the pitch black ice cream + the black cones that I made in June … it has been a few weeks, but still not posted it, just a quick instagram story, haha the story of my life. Right now I’m aiming more for “the art of slow living”, than being on top of the trends.
‘The art of slow living’, is really an art by the way. Tips are welcome!

Frozen fruit = ideal for a smoothie bowl

For a smoothie bowl you don’t necessarily need frozen fruit. I do recommend it, for the artwork you can make of it and the nice cream effect. Using frozen fruits, your toppings won’t sink and your smoothie is more than a smoothie/fruit soup, that you might as well drink, instead of eating it with a spoon.

You can completely go crazy the toppings, including cocoa nibs, nuts and seeds. The coconut flakes and bee pollen are just suggestions. Have fun!

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