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LimonadeWater with a bit of flavour: I don’t mind. Either with some herbs or with syrup > lemonade <. But isn’t it nice to make your own lemonade? Or lĂ­monade: make it with limes instead of lemons!

This drink is originally made with sugar. I’ve tried to make it with honey. That works out pretty good too!

OH! And by the way. Apparently it’s great with vodka in the mix! At least that’s what my friends discovered during my housewarming. I should have made so many more litres ;).


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  • Farah

    June 22, 2015

    Dear Marleen,

    We have met each other after the raw food festival. I love your lemonade recipe. I make lots of lemonade and ice tea, infused with ginger or citrus fruits and tea. Of course I would like to share these recipes with you, but the basics for every good ice tea is simple: just buy some proper English tea (Yorkshire tea for example). Then make some tea, and while its hot stir lots of cane sugar into it and let it cool down. When its still luke warm, you could put mint leaves inside. Then squeeze your lemon and lime juice into the ice tea. While you’re at it, also (gently) throw the squeezed out peels into the tea mixture. The longer you wait, the better the iced tea will get.

    If you prefer an iced tea with ginger, just brew some tea, add sugar and throw lots of ginger and ginger peels into the mixture. The longer you let it infuse, the stronger and better is gets. Great for entertaining on hot summer days.

    Thank you for sharing your nice recipes. I will definitely try some!
    Take care,


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