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Valentines Pizza | Beetroot Goat Cheese

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WHOOP WHOOP! It’s almost Valentines Day! Hopefully you’ve found the love of your life and celebrate Valentines every day. It took me some time, but I’m happily in love again! About a year ago I got back in touch with my second boyfriend. We met for the first time about 15 years ago. At the time, we were modeling in Hong Kongand together we moved to Bangkok and Sydney. We broke up and never stayed in touch during those 12 years, until last year. Happily ever after since.


Falling back in love with my ex-boyfriend was the last (BIG!)-thing I ever expected to happen. I didn’t even plan to have a man in my life. Not that you can plan those ‘things’…. In life ‘things’ often don’t go as planned, especially not ‘love-things’. 

The Beetroot Valentines Pizza

Ok, maybe on another level, but this Valentines pizza was unplanned as well. It’s a great example of creating something from what-ever-is-in-the-fridge. Most of the time I have beetroot at home. I like to use it for juices or my favorite soup. Goat cheese is a great match with beetroot and thyme is ‘the cherry on the pie’. Plus red union and pine nuts are always available in my kitchen. That’s all I found and put together. I did buy some fresh arugula, but that’s optional. 

Beety or meaty?

For the male readers: this is a super sweet tasty Valentines pizza. Women will love it!
For the female readers: yes, this is a vegetarian pizza. And the man loves some meat. Of course you can make any other (meaty) pizza and shape it in a cute heart. Check out this pizza with pancetta and make it hearty.

I’m not making this pizza with for my love during Valentines.. We’re still surviving the long-distance ;)! So please share it with your love!!!


NOTE: roasting the beetroots takes some time, but the taste is amazing. You could consider preparing a larger batch to make some beetroot soup as well. The only difference with the soup is that you add caraway seeds when roasting the beetroots. Just leave them out.


Valentines Recipe 2014: Raspberry Valentines Pie


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