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Broccoli Tofu | Fong Ling | Amsterdam



Ives: ” The famous Broccoli Tofu of Fong Ling, one of the best Chinese take aways I know and I tried many! I could eat Chinese food every day..”

Fong Ling

Fong Ling is a chinese-indonesian take away and deliver restaurant in the van Hallstraat in Amsterdam. Many Chinese restaurants do not have a lot of vegetarian options but this family business is well known for their great vegetable dishes. Fong Ling is open from tuesday till friday from 12:00 till 22:00 and in the weekends from 15:30 till 22:00.

Fong Ling
Van Hallstraat 270
1051 HM Amsterdam


Fong Ling - Ives

Ives van Leth


Menu’s and assortments change. If you want to be sure a product of dish is still available, contact the restaurant or store.


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