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almond nut butter

Almond Butter

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almond butter

I’ve never been to crazy about nut butters. Actually I mean: peanut butter as a child. A school lunchbox with peanut butter +¬†regular butter sandwiches. Bbbbbrrrrr….!!!! Ask my mom she knows, you’re not making me happy with that. I guess it was a child thing. One of the rare things I didn’t like.

I love nut butter nowadays. I’m still not a big fan of nut butter on a sandwich, but if I only knew about the amazing things you can do with nut butters. And if I only knew how easy you can make it!

I made this almond butter because I found a few interesting recipes that use it (Oh and I made these no bake peanut butter bars a while ago!) . One of these recipes will follow soon! >>> Check it out: the raw cacao almond butter cups!

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  • June 4, 2018

    Great tips!!I will definitely try these tips!!

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