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bieten pulp burger

Beetroot pulp burger with yogurt sauce

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Make this burger with beetroot pulp or minced beetroot.

bietenpulp burger

I asked on social media what recipe SLSN-fans preferred to see first.  The winner definitely is the beetroot burger (follow by NY Cheesecake). So there we go. I made this burger with my leftover juice beetroot pulp. But you could definitely use grated (use your kitchen machine if you want to avoid a reddish kitchen..) beetroot as well.

It has been a while since I made this pulp burger for the first time. But I kinda lost my adaption to the recipe. So I wasn’t quite sure about the recipe, and I decided to make it again last weekend for some testing & tasting, before posting it here on my blog.

Testing & tasting his very first veggie pulp burger

Thankfully my friend Rutger came over on Saturday to hang out at my house. Always happy to have volunteers to taste my food. He walked with me to the supermarket, since I needed a few extra ingredients before I’d ‘hide’ myself in the kitchen for the burger and some other things. “We don’t need meat for the burgers?” Rutger asked while I was pilling up the groceries in the basket. “Ehhmm NO, it’s a pulp burger, a veggie burger you know..” No meat. It’s not necessary.

So while Rutger (a typical meat-man) took his first bite, I was looking at him with big eyes to see if he’d like this pulp burger. And he really did. Looked even slightly impressed. Or rather surprised and excited about the fact that he just ate his very first veggie burger.

Easy on the meat

I’m not a vegetarian, but don’t eat a lot of meat. I’m sure you noticed if you have visited my blog more than once, that I really like meat now and then, mainly when I’m in a restaurant or prepared by the best. It’s really better for the environment if we all cut down on meat a little. Using the zero-waste juice pulp for these burgers, definitely makes it a double win. I’m sure still a lot of people throw the pulp straight in the dustbin after juicing. If only I can make a difference by inspiring a few people so that they can use their fruit/veggie/nut milk pulp for some amazing foodies, I’d be very happy! At least, it opened Rutgers’ eyes. One mission completed already.

Recipe adapted by: The Sugar Hit

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  • Val

    January 1, 2019

    Amazing. I always throw the pulp out but felt guilty in a sensecthat it could be recycled. Thanks for this!!

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