almond bread

almond bread

Just came back from New York! Fresh & fruity in the Netherlands. Immediately busy at arrival. Woke up the next morning at 6 AM to give an online training at a large transport company in the center of the country. The training went well and as expected: in the afternoon I could only dream about sleeping! 

Last minute…

Thankfully I already made this bread in New York, otherwise I’d never made it on time. This post is for the blog swap of the month September, with deadline: September 30th 00:00. Not a good idea to bake something for the blog swop last minute and/or start experimenting just before the deadline. It happened more than once, that a recipe didn’t really turn out and I had to make something else. Ok, it’s not that I get a penalty or something when I’m to late, but a deadline is a deadline. Right?! (it’s sept 30st 23:35 ‘as we speak’)

Oatmeal almond bread

So I left this beautiful bread behind with my boyfriend in New York. Not that he minded. This bread is amazing! I choose it from Dutch foodblog Anita’s potjes en pannen. The original recipe is made with spelt flour and I used almond pulp in stead. Obviously I had stacks of it in the freezer in New York, because of all the almond milk production!

Almond paste

The bread reminds me of Christmas- or easter bread with almond paste… yum almond bread! Probably the combination of the raisins, almond pulp and dried figs make it turn out that way. I couldn’t help it, and took a big slice of this tasty almond bread with me for my flight home! A better option than unhealthy airplane food or insanely high priced airport snacks! Just bake it yourself.

almond bread

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      Hi Amy, thanks for your message and notification and great to hear you’re so enthousiastic about the recipe.
      So silly… it’s a typo / translation issue and has to be: ‘cups’.
      I’ll make the change in the recipe. Sorry for the inconvenience!

      Let me know if you have any further questions :).

  1. Thanks for the recipe! I am using almond pulp (from left-over almond milk production). It is in a still-moist state (I find it goes too hard if I dry it). How would I adapt the recipe – mix and cooking time?
    Thank you! Fiona

    1. Post

      Hi Fiona,
      Sorry that it took a few days to respond. I’m on maternity leave, so forgot to check ;).

      I’m not sure how moist the pulp is, but you could try adding a little less buttermilk than the 1/2 cup in the recipe. Add 1/4 cup for example. If you find it to dry at the end of making the mixture, you could add a little more.
      I’d keep the cooking time approx the same. Keep an eye on the oven and check with toothpick if the bread is done.

      You could also squeeze out a bit more liquid from the pulp, it doesn’t need to be extremely dry for the recipe. More less in the state that it falls apart a little bit. Or do you mean the baking goes to hard if you dry it?

      Good luck!

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