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Pulp recipe – Speculaas cake

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This week I thought it would be nice blogging a themed pulp recipe. In The Netherlands we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving (Happy Thanksgiving everybody in the USA :). We do celebrate Sinterklaas or St. Nicolaas. On the 5th of December this saintly man comes by to peoples (only the good boys and girls) house with presents, sweets, letters and poems. Lots of sweets are spiced with a mix called ‘speculaas’.

I have great childhood memories of Sinterklaas. Super excited during the big day. And good, of course ;). Not like my little sister. She once cut my favorite barbie dolls hair (this is nót an example of a great memory… I was in tears) Later that night on the 5th, she got a slight reprimand in the letter from Sinterklaas… She never cut any babies hair – ever again.

Speculaas pulp recipe

During the Sinterklaas-time you can find ‘speculaas spices’ premixed in the store. I thought it would be more fun making my own mix for this pulp recipe. You need quite a bit of different spices, but they’re the ones you’ll probably have when you love cooking!

Accidentally vegan

I had a meeting at the Tarwegraskoning (I blog for them) this week and brought the cake. And apparently the cake (do use vegan honey or vegan proof syrup) is vegan. I didn’t have a clue since I don’t cook vegan, but used chia seeds because I ran out of eggs. Vegan or not. This speculaas veggie cake is delicious.

Pretty sure my sister will love this cake too. She’s all good now, I love her. Just don’t give her scissors ;). This might be something for her lovely sandwichshop in Volendam!

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  • Marian van Ek

    December 10, 2022

    Beste Marleen, het recept was altijd in het Nederlands, kan ik het nog ergens zo vinden? Want we gebruiken geen cups e.d. wel grammen en mililiters…

    Vriendelijk dank, Marian van Ek

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