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salade spinazie dadels walnoten

Spinach Date Almond salad

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spinach date

This salad! Another one of Ottolenghi’s surprises. Not that you wouldn’t expect any thing less from this great chef… he continues to blow me away with new flavor combinations. I’ve made this salad so many times by now. It’s one in the quality range quick, easy, and like I said, wonderful flavors. A brilliant combination. 

Amazing spinach date almond salad

This recipe comes from Ottolenghi and Sammi Tamimi’s cookbook Jerusalem. Dates & red union, pita bread, almonds & sumac (I’ve used za’atar a few times as well)…. I would have not come up with it! If you read my blog more often, you know it’s not a secret that I cook a lot with almond and dates. Other than this salad, I use them for baking or drinks.

Easy and quick

It’s by far one of the best salads to make when you don’t have much time short before dinner. You can easily to prepare most of it ahead of time. In case you don’t have za’atar or sumac, it’s worth buying it. These spices are great for other dishes too, check out this mouthwatering pumpkin recipe.

For the people who asked me so many times to share this recipe: here it is! ENJOY!

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