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Bounty Balls

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Blog swop time! For the blog swop, I choose a recipe from Dutch food blog FoodAholic. I love anything with chocolate, uhhh who doesn’t?! I make so many choco recipes lately. Here is another one!


I choose the bounty recipe from the two blogging sisters Danielle and Jolanda. I’ve always loved bounty’s, but cooking with coconut is not always a succes in my kitchen. The result is a little to dry sometimes. Well, that’s certainly not the case with these bounty’s! They are bizarre tasty ánd creamy! I made these coconut balls last week, just before my birthday and during my birthday they were gone within minutes.

With coconut oil

I used coconut oil instead of creme freche. I was looking for the right method to roll the balls, as it was impossible to roll the balls of the cocosmix, the way it was described in the original recipe with the sour cream. My fridge solved the problem. Duh… the ‘magic’ of coconut oil!

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