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During a party or dinner, I often have a glas bottle of water on the table. Sometimes lemon or cucumber. Other times with herbs, for example mint or thyme. During the last dinner at my house, I had a slightly different version: water with ice cubes & fruit!

Ice cubes with fruit & flowers

A while ago I made ice cubes with flowers. Fruit is a nice alternative. It looks colorful on the table and you can use any strong colored fruit to make it look nice.

I choose grapefruit (I preferred blood orange but couldn’t find any), strawberries and raspberries. Super fun for parties and hot sunny days.

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Ice cubes with fruit

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ice_cubes fruit


  • Handful of strawberries, raspberries and / or other fruit
  • Water


  1. Clean the fruit
  2. If necessary: cut in small pieces
  3. Divide the fruit over de tray(s)
  4. Add water and freeze.

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