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Two ingredient strawberry jam

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Make this jam with fresh strawberries or strawberry juice pulp


My mom makes strawberry jam once in a while. My grandmother did the same. I love it. Home made jam!

On Saturday morning, I traditionally go to the Noorder Market in Amsterdam to buy a bunch of fruit and veggies. I also buy croissants. A croissant with jam (home made too now!) is my tiny Saturday brunch. With an espresso.

Mashed strawberries or pulp

Last week I made this juice of strawberries, apple, lime and basil. When juicing strawberries you’ll end up with quite some pulp. The pulp is great for the jam. It’s a waste to throw it out, really!

Chia seeds

I have a huge jar with chia seeds in my kitchen cupboard. Usually I mix it through my breakfast of oatmeal, nuts/seeds and fruit. I also used it for a (pulp) cake once, when I ran out of eggs. Did you know that chia seeds are a substitute for eggs? The cake turned out really well. But it’s not just useful for a breakfast bowl or cakes… It’s perfect for jam!

And did you know that you can make strawberry jam with only strawberries and chia seeds? Well, now you know!

Bon apetite!


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