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roasted beetroot soup

Roasted beetroot soup

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roasted beetroot soup
This soup is one of my favorites (this pumpkin soup with orange thyme is my other favorite). I’ve so many special memories eating or making this soup. Obviously it’s always during cosy autumn or winter days. With the loveliest people.

My first memory of this soup was with my previous boyfriend Jurriaan. Jur made the soup for me and his ex-girlfriend F. It was not long before he got into an immense surgery. Already 7 years ago this week…F. was with him when he got cancer, another 7 years before that moment. And yes, it came back when he and I were together. I remember it so well. F. and I sat next to each other. He sat in front of us and told us how happy he was sitting there in front of the two women that he loved. Very special. We never had dinner with the three of us again. If we only could…

More beetroot soup memories

I made this beetroot soup many times. And so, more memories were created. Most people fall in love with this soup. Don’t know why… Add a little love to the soup ;)! That might help. Even heard stories of husbands who don’t like beetroots at all. But this soup…. The last time I made this soup was in New York a few weeks ago. I made it for a lovely crowd of people during a dinner party. I promised to post the recipe. So here it is guys!

A few days before the dinner party I had the privilege to work with friend and stylist Sharon Ryan. Check her amazing work and click on food & entertaining. I cooked in Sharons wonderful NYC-apartment and we made this photo amongst others. Thanks so much Sharon for the fun and inspiration! Had such a great time.

What I love so much about this soup is that it creates a true taste explosion. And only with a few ingredients. And what I love most about it of course….. when served: happy people!
Well, maybe you should try and discover it yourself.

Tip: Make the double amount and freeze part of the soup. Store – up to three months.

Source: Wonderfoods – Natalie Savona

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  • Sharon Ryan

    November 20, 2014

    Thank you for an inspiring afternoon of laughter, cooking, sharing and photography. I enjoyed our day together so much. I also learned that I like beets! Love you Marleen.

  • Blessing C. Okpala

    November 20, 2014

    Beetroots are very nutritious. I have some that I want to use for smoothie and soup. thanks for sharing

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