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Strawberry apple basil lime juice

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Viola from my office, who has a amazing atelier there where she makes yogabags, gave me a few strawberries the other day. Natures candy, that what they are: super tasty, sweet and juicy. Voila and I observed the strawberry in our hand. A super shiny strawberry. With small seeds. “And with the little hairs,” Viola said. We’re usually not this zen in the office. On the contrary. It just happened that way. Indeed, veeeery mindful.

Strawberry apple basil lime juice

Strawberries are beautiful.  That’s the conclusion.
Apart from the color, all this beauty is smashed in little pieces for this juice. The taste though is still as amazing.

Oh! Keep the strawberry pulp. I have a very good recipe for the pulp later this week!
And in case you wanna use the apple pulp (yes you need more pulp than pulp from one juice – but you can save it in the freezer): check out this apple pulp pie.

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