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Pulp recipe | Apple pulp pie

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No apple pulp? Use apples 😉

pulp recept appeltaart
Ai … it’s been a few weeks since I posted the apple pulp tarts photo on Instagram. The recipe would follow soon, I said … wOOps. It took a little longer than planned. I wanted to make something new with apple pulp for a while. And had apple pie plans as well. The choice to combine these two was made easily when Isaw the apple pie contest from Jamie Magazine on Instagram. That’s why I posted the photo on Instagram. And the recipe… yes… only now.

The reason for my delayed post: I lost my notes + my past month was to crazy busy for a remake of the pie. I better forget about the Jamie Magazine publication ;). Not that a recipe was required (it was all about the photo’s), but still… Anyhow, I finally made the pie again!

Apple pulp purpose

I made something with apple pulp before. Muffins. Nice, but not impressive. This pie is different. + Tasted, tested & approved by different friends. I’m glad with this good (and healthy too by the way) apple pulp purpose, since I juice apples quite often.

Crust, nut butter, apple pulp, slices of apple and caramel …

This apple pulp pie has sugar-free crust, a layer of nut butter, apple pulp with dates and lemon, a layer of apples and caramel … (without whipped cream – with almond milk).  Quite a few elements. So, plan some time for preparing.

I’d love to know what you think about this no waste apple pulp pie!

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appel pulp pie


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  • Bergy

    October 16, 2018

    Absolutely FANTASTIC ! Such a lovely alternative to a normal apple pie. Thank You!

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