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Oh my … juice?



Woops… in my first blog I said… : “I’m the type of girl that likes to be busy with eating and drinking áááll day. And I don’t mean, “oooh-i-have-a-crazy-craving” or “when is-it-wine-o-clock ?!”  This doesn’t seem quite right anymore.  I still don’t drink gallons of wine, but my comment about cravings > down the drain!

White bread

By now I drink a daily shot of wheatgrass and twice a week – on Thursday and Tuesday – half a litre of green juice (yes, that on the picture, with green apple, cucumber, lemon, ginger and wheatgrass). Guess what happens on this Tuesday and Thursday? The crazy desire, need to eat products like bread and a lot. Even white bread is suddenly totally OK. Wááát?!! And while I usually eat very dark chocolate, now I ask  (oh dear, and empty shelf), the guy in the supermarket if he still has packs of Tony’s milk chocolate with caramel and sea salt somewhere…. And yes he does!

Happy eating

I don’t believe in the combination eating + sin. I believe in ‘happy eating’ guilt free, stress free, whatever you want to call it. Whether it’s a healthy banana bread or a … brownie. It can only mean that the caramel – sea salt – milk chocolate is gone within moments.  Does it bother me that I have these cravings? Out of the blue… No. I guess my body has to get used to these healthy juice mixes. And it’s looking for a new kind of balance? Perhaps.


Cravings or not, I have a whole lot of energy. Not that I get as much sleep as I’d like to… Last week I once worked till super late at night and I got up after 4.5 hours sleep. Drank my juice + a glass of water (body temperature) with lemon and had energy like a mad girl the rest of the day. According to Auke, the juicing is a good thing to do after a night like this.

It’s an interesting project, this ‘health challenge’ with the Tarwegraskoning. It’s not just a lot of juicing (and baking> I make everything from juice pulp, more about this in my next blog). Auke and I check at my health ‘all over’: nutrition, exercise and psyche. I think I’m pretty healthy. Auke believes that there is still progress to be made. OK. Lets see where this brings me!

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Do you wonder, what this juice blog about? 
I write the juice part of my blog in collaboration with the Tarwegraskoning.
Auke from the Tarwegraskoning is telling me all about a super healthy lifestyle and I share my juice / healthy lifestyle experiences here.
Wanna join the healthy lifestyle? Or you have a question? Let me know!

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