Made this one for the first time yesterday (ate it once before, at a good friends place – in combination with lamb – nice combi!). Had dinner with a few friends. Something we plan more regular now. Great spending time with other food-lovers. Oh ánd funny people – laughed my ass off… thanks!!!! (Can’t really go for the ‘show don’t tell’-principle here – you had to be there 😉 – Anyhow, wonderful when the recipes are requested after dinner. So it must have been a success. Here you go. Good luck Svennie!!! 🙂

Again, creator of this recipe -Ottolenghi-, surprises with his mix of flavours. Tasty roasted eggplant, with the fresh buttermilk sauce and juicy pomegranate. A tasty-explosion!!!

It’s my plan to make it once again for starter at Christmas dinner (with flat bread). By the looks ánd the taste, I’d say: not a bad choice…

Source: Plenty Ottolenghi

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  1. Made this dish for a diner with friends this week. Big succes! Ideal dish for a summer rooftop diner.

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