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Fennel Gratin with Cherry Tomatoes and Crumble Pastry

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FENNEL gratin

My friend M. asked me a while ago if I’d be interested working in a new caterer in Amsterdam North, since I started to cook like crazy. I thought, yeah nice! Another way of doing óne of the things that make me the happiest! I think it was about a week later I started to work for Meike at Semifredo a few hours a week. Meike has been a caterer for many years, but now opened her take-away (with a few seat to eat-in). An absolutely cute place, decorated so nicely (will be in the city secrets section soon) ánd with lovely food -of course!

Meike thought me new recipes and ways to work through the kitchen. This fennel gratin is by far the nicest thing I discovered at Semifredo. Ánd, no surprise… it comes from Ottolenghi! One of my favourites at the moment. The fennel gratin is just… oh you gotta try this (if you like sweet crumble)…. so tasty because of the sweet and savory-mix. And the simplicity I guess. I also tried this recipe with aubergine: works well too!

FENNEL gratin FENNEL gratin


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