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Homemade gnocchi

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I love to meet people and talk about (making) food! That happens quite a lot. No wonder.

Last month in London I met food-lover: J. The best-brownies-ever and gnocchi were the topics. As we were talking I understood J. made (as in REALLY MADE) his own gnocchi. Something that I assumed was pretty time-consuming and complex (never made my own pasta before). I was impressed. But good news: it’s not that difficult at all!!!!

Real home made gnocchi

By the time I discovered he actually heated up the already-made-gnocchi, I already had in mind to make it from scratch. And that’s what I did. Once again, it’s easy peasy. And SUPER TASTY.

So this is the recipe (there you go J. ;)). The gnocchi is nice with a basic sauce like eggplant and tomato sauce or just some good olive oil, Parmezan and rucola.


Gnocchi dough




Gnocchi with tomato sauce & Parmesan


Gnocchi with olive oil, Parmesan & rucola



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