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Pumpkin Seeds

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Pumpkin Seeds

You like to cook with pumpkin? And the seeds are going straight to the bin? No need! You can use them! They’re super healthy.

Wonder food

There are many reasons why we can call pumpkin seeds ‘wonder food’…

Pumpkin seeds:

  • are rich in essential fatty acids > important for a soft elastic skin.
  • contain many micro nutrients, such as vitamin E, iron and magnesium > for a good libido.
  • are especially rich in zinc > again, for a good sexual health, the defence of infections, growth and development of new cells.
  • are a good source of protein and contain vitamin B6 > this has various functions including balancing the female hormones. (source: Wonderfoods – Natalie Sanova)

What to do with them?

You can eat the seeds as a snack, but they are a bit dry. Better: add them to your breakfast cereal. Or even make you own granola including the pumpkin seeds.

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