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Strawberry Amaretto Cream

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Strawberry Dessert
When I have friends or family coming over for dinner, I love to prepare all day. Usually I have plans that make me wonder ‘how will I fix that, in this amount of time??!’ Mission impossible.. Oh yeah I’ve served my guests dinner pretty late a few times. Big excuse to the ones who are used to dine around six. At my house, we do it the Italian way ;). It was not a strange thing starting dinner around 22:30 when I lived in Milano years ago. Is that a good excuse?!

But of course I want to think about the wishes of my guest and don’t want to starve them till 22:30 all the time. So, I choose to take time for a few courses and dessert: ‘easy peasy strawberry’. This dessert is done in a snap! I’ve been making it for years.

I just love this strawberry amaretto cream dessert! The recipe is só simple, while everyone is wondering: “HOW do you make it…?!” Only some sour cream with amaretto!!! YAY. That’s it!

Hmmm this is my secret. And I share it right now…


Source: AH.nl

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