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Spinach Pineapple Apple Lemon Juice

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spinazie ananas juice

It’s ‘blue Monday’ today. Apparently the most depressing day of the year… It was pretty misty in Amsterdam, blue actually. Check out the photo I made this morning from the Amsterdam canals. I didn’t use a filter. YES. I. WAS. BLUE. Anyhow, it did not feel blue! I had a nice early start today, kinda rare since I like to work till late… (definitely need to change that habit…!) and I was super productive (yes-i-do-need-to-change-that-habit)!

I figured that this spinach pineapple apple lemon juice, with a subtle tropical touch, would be nice for blue Monday. Or is it to confronting…?!

I saved the pulp from this juice and developed a really nice recipe with the spinach pulp: spinach pulp pancakes. I’ll post the recipe in a few days on Wednesday-pulp-recipe-day!! So in case you love to ‘pulpcook’: save the pulp in the freezer. You really need the spinach pulp separately from the rest, so start juicing the spinach. You can also save the pineapple and apple pulp. Preferably: separately too. I’m pretty sure, soon I’ll come up with a solution for the pineapple and apple too…

Have a happy blue Monday!

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