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spinazie pulp pannekoekjes

Veggie pulp recipe – Spinach pancake

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Recently I experimented quite a bit with pulp. As you might have guessed: this doesn’t mean that everything works out… I am convinced, that I have to be able make a good pulp recipe for jam. It didn’t work out just yet, but I’ll hold on a little longer. Tips? Anyone … ??!

So… no jam pulp recipe blog this week! Hopefully another time. If figured out another recipe instead. These spinach pancakes worked out really well! I used the pulp (only the spinach pulp) of this spinach-pineapple juice recipe.

I’m very curious how others like it. So please let me know what you think about it, if you make it! Feedback is always welcome :).

Inspired by the regular spinach pancake recipe of: Chocolate & Carrots

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