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yoghurt pudding with poached pears

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yoghurt-pudding-with-poached-pearsI’m a bit hooked on puddings…. Tried my first one years ago with a Christmas dinner. Completely ruined it (only the dessert ;)). Yes, I can say: I have improved!!! This buttermilk panna cotta worked out so nice. And so did this yoghurt pudding… If you want to surprise you guests, this dessert is absolute a must do!!! You can prepare everything, so it won’t take much time during the dinner.

You can try this recipe with different kind of fruits. The original Ottolenghi recipe –from his cookbook Jerusalem– comes with peaches. But since it’s not peach season, I tried it with strawberries first and ended up with pears. The strawberries don’t work so well, since they become pale when poaching them. I figured amaretto would go pretty well with the pears. And yep, it’s definitely a good combi!

Oh yeah: don’t heat up the sauce to long. It will become super sticky…


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