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Once I organized a high tea and baked an alternative brownie – with honey. It was a request for a friend to have some -refined-sugarless dishes. Well, what did I know. Honey?…. I didn’t like it to much. I did make a photo for my blog, but the recipe never made it to the www. “If I eat (or make or post) a brownie, I want a classic brownie,” I’d always say. Nothing beats the real thing.

Neel, we share an office space, came into the office with these healthy brownies a few weeks ago. I was stunned. This refined-sugar-free brownies, made ​​from dates, zucchini and cacao, are super tasty. Thanks for the recipe Neel!

As long as an alternative ánd healthy product is as tasty as the real thing, it definitely deserves a place on my blog.

Recipe adapted from: Body and Brains

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  1. I love the ingredients in this brownie, healthy ‘real’ things like zucchini and dates, not that crazy unpronounceable stuff you sometimes see in gluten free or low fat foods!

  2. Love the sound of this recipe. Am interested to try it but substitute the cocoa for cacao. From googling the ability of swapping this ingredient, websites say the two are interchangeable. How do you think this would work?

    1. Hi Suzanne! Yes it’s so good, this one…
      Thanks for you question! I know someone who’s a cacoa specialist and I’m pretty sure she knows. I (or she) will be back to you a.s.a.p.!

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