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I’ve been making pulp- and/or carrot cakes for a while now. Especially pulp cakes… Focussing on zero waste by using the left over pulp from juicing (check out some of my pulp recipes) is easy and it can turn out really delicious. These cakes are great as healthy snacks, or even for breakfast. And they looks healthy too. Great, just not very exciting…

Healthy frosting!

You made a healthy cake, like this veggie pulp cake or this mouthwatering carrot cake and want to make it a bit more festive? No problem! Just top it with some quick, easy and healthy frosting. It doesn’t only look yummie, this lime frosting is simply delicious…!

Oh one more thing: it’s fixed within 5 minutes and you need only 3 ingredients to make it.

Quick and easy cake frosting with lime

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Category: Sweets

cake topping


  • 1/2 cup or 100g cream cheese
  • 4 tbsp powdered sugar
  • 4 tbsp lime juice
  • Optional: 2 tablespoons milk


  1. Mix the cream cheese with the powdered sugar and lime juice.
  2. Add the milk to get the desired substance.
  3. Finish the muffins with a thick layer of white frosting. ENJOY 🙂

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