I recently organized a dinner party for eight friends. I tried to include as many pulp dishes as possible. One of the items was this pulp veggie burger. Personally, I like a bite. My friends too – the burger was a succes. Pulp + wasabi + chili. Apparently it’s a good combination (no, it IS!).

No waste!

It seems to be my new hobby: experimenting with pulp! Like I said before, “From my first experience with juicing: I need to do something with the pulp.” Wasting food, when you can still use it: NOOOOO !!! I learned to throw away as little as possible and always find it challenging to make use of leftovers. And that way I see it with pulp too. It is energy. Fibers and nutrients. As long as something is still good, you can use it. And it’s fun, right after juicing: baking! At least, to my opinion. (Or later, you can freeze your pulp if you like!)

Pulp versus leftovers

Maybe pulp is even better than leftovers. Usually it’s quite neutral, so you can use it for a wide range of recipes. I started with this healthy snack, the pulp cake – in endless variations – then this pulp burger and more (I’ll share my recipes the next weeks).

Do you use your juice pulp?

Do you juice at all? And if so, are you using the juice pulp? I’m very curious about your experiences!
Or do you have questions about cooking with pulp? Feel free to ask!

No juice pulp? Use extra chickpeas or beans instead.

P.s .: You feel like fries with the burger? Check out this sweet potato fries recipe.

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  1. I had only tried wasabi with sushi until yesterday. I tried it with hearing (traditional Swedish midsummer food) and I LOVED it. Now I’m out looking for more food to add this wonderful spice to. Wasabi and I will be great friends 😉

    1. Hi Anna,
      Ohhh yes wasabi is soooo good! Unless you eat a bit too much at once and end up with tears in your eyes 😉 haha.
      Yesterday I mixed it in a bit of sour cream, spread it on a sandwich and topped it with salmon and avocado. Also a good on to try!

  2. Hey Marleen I love this recipe, my first thought was this can’t be vegan, but I never could had thought it was so easy to make the burger 😀 Wasabi is not only great for its spiciness but also for the antioxidant and weight lost effect. Thanks for sharing!!

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