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pumpkin with red union There we go again, another Yotam recipe :). I love this mix of pumpkin with red union! My dear friend Alex surprised me so much! He gave me this wonderful cookbook 'Jerusalem' a few months ago. Once a friend gave me a cookbook and said: "Sorry I'm giving you such an un-personal present." But it's actually (really?;) something that makes me incredibly happy. Especially 'An Ottolenghi'. 

Everything from scratch! That's what makes me happy. Of course it's not possible to make everything at home, but as much as possible please and pizza dough: for sure! It doesn't take much time and is totally worth it when you make a whole batch (it's totally worth it anyways). This recipe gives you 8 small/medium sized (very thin & crispy) pizza bottoms. You can store the dough balls separately in the freezer and defrost the dough in about 20 minutes by room temperature when you feel like pizza!

EGGPLANT WITH BUTTERMILK SAUCE Made this one for the first time yesterday (ate it once before, at a good friends place - in combination with lamb - nice combi!). Had dinner with a few friends. Something we plan more regular now. Great spending time with other food-lovers. Oh ánd funny people - laughed my ass off... thanks!!!! (Can't really go for the 'show don't tell'-principle here - you had to be there ;) -

  W00PS!!! Haven't had much time for blogging lately. Did some cooking here and there. But ate all before I had the chance to make a nice photo... sorry ;). Ok. Honestly... I just wish I'd have all day, all week just for cooking and blogging about it. That's definitely my dream. No. My goal. Will keep working on that one though :). 

FENNEL gratin

My friend M. asked me a while ago if I'd be interested working in a new caterer in Amsterdam North, since I started to cook like crazy. I thought, yeah nice! Another way of doing óne of the things that make me the happiest! I think it was about a week later I started to work for Meike at Semifredo a few hours a week. Meike has been a caterer for many years, but now opened her take-away (with a few seat to eat-in). An absolutely cute place, decorated so nicely (will be in the city secrets section soon) ánd with lovely food -of course!