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beet carrot apple juice Lets start a brand new week with a super healthy beetroot carrot apple juice! Since I have a sweet tooth, this is really my kinda juice. When I started juicing I made this one quite a bit. It did raise some eyebrows ("Why do you choose the veggies with the most sugar in it?") since sugar, yes also fruit sugar

 spicy hot dark chocolate almond milk Any chocoholics reading this? I absolutely love anything chocolate.  I must have many companions in this case. I mean: WHO DOESN'T LOVE CHOCOLATE??! Chocolate bars (preferably pretty dark) don't last long in my house... And every place that I visit I buy one or more bars. I'm curious about all kind of chocolate. And sometimes I buy a bar because I love the creative package. Last week I was in Dubai for a modeling shoot. Ever tried camel milk and camel milk chocolate? Ok, it's not the raw version but interesting, so worth trying if you ask me. In case of the raw chocolate bar > t's a guilt free snack, with lots of health benefits. It lowers blood pressure

Almond milk with a slowjuicer

I love milk. Milk in my coffee, milk with my granola etc. Cow milk is not really good for us people. That's no news! Nut milk is a good alternative (better than rice and soy). Also no news. Supermarkets have a wide range of nut and soy milk. So, easy does it. But what about making your own milk? And did you know you can make almond milk with a slow juicer? I just found out!