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gnocchi I love to meet people and talk about (making) food! That happens quite a lot. No wonder. Last month in London I met food-lover: J. The best-brownies-ever and gnocchi were the topics. As we were talking I understood J. made (as in REALLY MADE) his own gnocchi. Something that I assumed was pretty time-consuming and complex (never made my own pasta before). I was impressed. But good news: it's not that difficult at all!!!!

NO BAKE PEANUT BUTTER BARS Just went to the gym. Got home and felt like a healthy snack. And guess what I found in my fridge... These yummie bars I made yesterday! Yep home made No Bake Peanut Butter Bars. A damn good snack. And you know what? You make the plain bars in 10 minutes. Want to add the chocolate coat? Add about 5 minutes more. Easy peasy! :)

egg salad My previous boyfriend Jurriaan, he passed away 5,5 years ago, was a real great cook. I was super spoiled with him and hardly ever cooked myself. The things I did cook failed often. Pretty much gave it up ;). Or I'd call him, when I was living in a student flat and cooking for friends, to ask him how exactly I had to make a certain dish.

watermelon shake Yesterday I went to Milkshake Festival in Amsterdam. Long day, lots of dancing... recovering today. Not with a milkshake but a super fresh watermelon shake. Yes, after milkshake-it-sunday, IT'S SHAKE IT MONDAY again! I absolutely love those watermelon shakes. Drink them a lot during holidays in Asia. By now it's nearly tropical in Holland too. So a perfect refreshment for today! ENJOY.

RAW CACAO BANANA SMOOTHIEIf you really want to enjoy the benefits of chocolate, it's best you eat it in the form of 'raw chocolate'. Raw chocolate is not highly heated, like supermarket chocolate. Result is that antioxidants stay in the cacao. Raw cacao even has a higher antioxidant rating than blueberries, acai and goji berries.