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Also very nice without the pulp, just with avocado!

pulp recept_avocado spread

There is one juice that I drink most of the time: the ultimate juice, the detoxer, green juice, the kick-my-ass and wake- me-up-before-we-go-go juice. This juice contains apple, cucumber, ginger, lemon and wheatgrass. I usually drink it 2-3 times a week in the morning. Half a litre ... I've been so into pulp recipes, but didn't use this pulp before... I know, it was about time I'd come up with something that suits this pulp. And now it's here: the spread!

Banana,-Walnut-and-Date-Bread To my opinion, not everything needs to be sugar free, gluten free.... "everything"-free. I guess I'm blessed with being able to eat everything. I believe that when you eat all the 'bad' stuff balanced (+ as clean/pure as possible + enjoy what ever you eat/drink)... the recipe to a stressfree happy foodie life! Anyhow, some people (more and more ) really need to be careful about what they eat.


I found this very nice recipe on the website Oh She Glows, that my friend Evelijn showed me. It has loads of (VERY YUMMIE!!!) vegan recipes. All the healthy stuff! These oat bars are fantastic. Like I said with the granola... "Will I ever buy granola in the store again?!" I could say the same about those oat bars. They're easily prepared, healthy, made from scratch - with the home made jam -, perfect for breakfast or a afternoon snack.

NO BAKE PEANUT BUTTER BARS Just went to the gym. Got home and felt like a healthy snack. And guess what I found in my fridge... These yummie bars I made yesterday! Yep home made No Bake Peanut Butter Bars. A damn good snack. And you know what? You make the plain bars in 10 minutes. Want to add the chocolate coat? Add about 5 minutes more. Easy peasy! :)

egg salad My previous boyfriend Jurriaan, he passed away 5,5 years ago, was a real great cook. I was super spoiled with him and hardly ever cooked myself. The things I did cook failed often. Pretty much gave it up ;). Or I'd call him, when I was living in a student flat and cooking for friends, to ask him how exactly I had to make a certain dish.