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win_juicer_tarwegraskoning Those who follow my blog know that I (became) a juicer. It began when I started blogging for theTarwegraskoning. Since then I use the JuiceMe slow juicer. A very nice device that you can also use for juicing wheatgras (super power). I found out that this juicer has many more possibilities than making juice ... When juicing, juice pulp comes out on the left side of the machine. With the pulp you can make the best snacks! I experimented quite a bit and 'pulp cooking' was born ...! Check some pulp recipes on my blog. Like my "almost famous" super healthy carrot cake and the veggie burger. But there is more ...


No apple pulp? Use apples ;)

pulp recept appeltaart Ai ... it's been a few weeks since I posted the apple pulp tarts photo on Instagram. The recipe would follow soon, I said ... wOOps. It took a little longer than planned. I wanted to make something new with apple pulp for a while. And had apple pie plans as well. The choice to combine these two was made easily when I