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Banana,-Walnut-and-Date-Bread To my opinion, not everything needs to be sugar free, gluten free.... "everything"-free. I guess I'm blessed with being able to eat everything. I believe that when you eat all the 'bad' stuff balanced (+ as clean/pure as possible + enjoy what ever you eat/drink)... the recipe to a stressfree happy foodie life! Anyhow, some people (more and more ) really need to be careful about what they eat.


I found this very nice recipe on the website Oh She Glows, that my friend Evelijn showed me. It has loads of (VERY YUMMIE!!!) vegan recipes. All the healthy stuff! These oat bars are fantastic. Like I said with the granola... "Will I ever buy granola in the store again?!" I could say the same about those oat bars. They're easily prepared, healthy, made from scratch - with the home made jam -, perfect for breakfast or a afternoon snack.

pumpkin with red union There we go again, another Yotam recipe :). I love this mix of pumpkin with red union! My dear friend Alex surprised me so much! He gave me this wonderful cookbook 'Jerusalem' a few months ago. Once a friend gave me a cookbook and said: "Sorry I'm giving you such an un-personal present." But it's actually (really?;) something that makes me incredibly happy. Especially 'An Ottolenghi'.