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No apple pulp? Use apples ;)

pulp recept appeltaart Ai ... it's been a few weeks since I posted the apple pulp tarts photo on Instagram. The recipe would follow soon, I said ... wOOps. It took a little longer than planned. I wanted to make something new with apple pulp for a while. And had apple pie plans as well. The choice to combine these two was made easily when I

cacao almond butter It was my plan to blog three times a week. Monday: Juicy- or shake-it-Monday. Wednesday a juice pulp recipe. Preferably one from the Monday-pulp. And Friday another recipe. It can be anything. From pasta to dessert, something healthy to a guilty pleasure, from sweet to savory and so on. Waiting till Friday with sharing this mindblowing-super-yummie treat? Don't think so!

Banana,-Walnut-and-Date-Bread To my opinion, not everything needs to be sugar free, gluten free.... "everything"-free. I guess I'm blessed with being able to eat everything. I believe that when you eat all the 'bad' stuff balanced (+ as clean/pure as possible + enjoy what ever you eat/drink)... the recipe to a stressfree happy foodie life! Anyhow, some people (more and more ) really need to be careful about what they eat.